Tapestry accepted for Cordis Prize exhibition

Cordis Prize Shortlist Announced!

Visual Arts Scotland is delighted to announce that the following artists have been shortlisted for the inaugural VAS Cordis Trust Prize for Woven Tapestry:

Anne Jackson – The Great European Witch Hunt
Anne Naustdal – Arid Landscape
Carmen Groza – Poussieres d’etoiles
Jo McDonald – Tales of the Unexpected
Kirsten Saeterdal – The Melancholy of Departure
Patricia Taylor – Artemis
Rental Rozsivalova – Hell
Sara Brennan – Hill Forest
Unn Sonju – Blood Cannot Be Washed Out With Blood
Valerie Kirk – The Brian Schmidt Tapestry

The selected tapestries hail from as far afield as Norway, Belgium, and Australia, as well as a number of home grown talents, and they will all be brought together for VAS;T 2015, Visual Arts Scotland’s Annual Exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh from 7 – 28 February.

I am delighted to have my work included in the exhibition. It feels like a kind of home-coming.

Creative Fibre NZ Masterclasses – September 2014

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Drawing on my Place
Design and tapestry workshops developing personal explorations and working together on group designs.

Thankyou to everyone who participated in the 3 classes. Design and tapestry are both challenging, but there was such a good group dynamic in each of the classes that meant there was positive energy and encouragement to experiment, reflect and let the work develop. Truly inspiring.

Throw, Bounce, Spatter – experimental drawings

mon 108

Repeated gesture in drawing makes an accumulated pattern of movement which articulates a space between the artist drawing tool and paper. Gestures show and create connections between our internal world and the external one. In creating a collaborative work, we came to see that gestures shared between people made representations which occupied an ambiguous field between image and space. This can be seen as a co-authored place making process.

Valerie Kirk and Amanda Ravetz

Jurassic Fossils – drawings

mon 120

Ink and white pencil on mdf board. 40 x 40 cm each x 2

In 2010 I visited the Age of Fishes museum at Canowindra and was fascinated by the fossiliferous rock slabs preserving the Devonian aquatic life. The drawing alludes to the life in the water, the hidden and discovered, described and measured.

These drawings have been selected for the M16 Drawing Prize exhibition.


Tapestry on the loom


Traditional Woven Fan Making in Laos

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2014-02-10 05.15.11

2014-02-10 05.15.45


Elephant Riding in Laos