drawing of imaginary net

drawing of imaginary net as a way of exploring looseness, movement between places, change....

NETS – An international contemporary art project between universities in Canberra, Cumbria(England) and Turku (Finland), working towards exhibitions at each university and a virtual exhibition showing all work from the project. The final event will be a conference with exhibition in Turku, Finland in 2011. See NETWURKS BLOG for details.

First Workshop

The weekend workshop in June 2009 was run by Valerie Kirk, Head of Textiles at the ANU School of Art, with myself as a secondary facilitator, explored types of nets, their uses and the participants’ associations.


It was difficult to avoid the close textile connections and textile metaphors that are use in nets. The overwhelming older female majority … Those whose arts practices, such as ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, are outside textiles were a little concerned at the point of departure. Networking skills physical, intellectual and web-based were on the agenda. What we are trying to achieve in the long term is to build skills in both familiar and new technologies that would enable to cast our nets much further.

Valerie Kirk led a brain-storming session, followed by discussion that captured ideas on the possibilities of nets and netlike structures, both real and virtual, and the infrastructures that support them. This was followed by some participants generously teaching their net-making skills in informal groups. Hands were dexterously knotting, knitting, looping and thinking. Sharon Peoples


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  1. It’s so nice to see another Nets blog up. I’ll put up a link on Netwurks now.

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