Camelia and Lemon Lace

Detail of watercolour

Detail of watercolour

Using a painterly pattern from lace in a vibrant cool yellow as a background to a detailed Camelia and small fragments of international textile patterns.

I am interested in a transitory reality combining images from various times and places, suggesting the passing of time, experience, past, present and future.

FLOWERS: The Camelia is in full bloom for only a short time before it falls from the stem and browns on the edges of petals.

TEXTILES: My interest in textiles has carried through from childhood to adult years. It has given me the incentive to travel and view museum collections, meet makers creating in many countries, view exhibitions and explore ideas about textiles/ their meanings and techniques/qualities of threads, stucture and colour. 

WATERCOLOUR: Colour floating in water, moving, changing. Of the time and moment as once the mark is made it sinks into the paper to stay, not easily changed. Can suggest a lightness, paper coming through pigment. Bill Hare on Scottish watercolourist Elizabeth Blackadder, “The translucent quality of watercolour helps add to this feeling of transitory reality, of the insubstantiality of the material world.” p30 “Contemporary Painting in Scotland”, Craftsman House, 1992.  Interestingly Elizabeth Blackadder commented ,”There is the danger, perhaps, of being put down as only a watercolourist – the feeling that it is not so serious a medium and that it is somehow femenine.” I can undersand this viewpoint, but can see that although Blackadder can paint an Iris as well as any watercolourist, her artwork goes well beyond the common rendition of flowers in its subject matter, free and painterly approach and refined sensibilty.


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