Moving, Changing – new drawings

octobernov 041

mixed media

Working in the studio daily provides continuity of ideas and explorations can progress through images drawn, notations and practical experiments. The library provides reference material to scour for useful images, information on shape, structure or form and also some books to browse to learn about other artists and how they work. Just now I am looking at books on the human body, anatomy, womens health and studying David Hockney’s recent works as I admire his ability to draw and paint, simplifying images to essential elements. Tapestry is a complex medium and by its construction every mark of weft over warp counts in building the image. Maybe this is why so often the images in tapestry are over complicated, trying to do something with every pass woven instead of stepping back and making decisions about the essence of the image.

octobernov 045

drawings on tracing paper - muscles

At CURVES gym I am learning about muscles and the body. I am amazed that I have reached this stage of life and not really known about the functioning of our muscle system. As a tapestry weaver I can see the muscles on my forearm develop as I work daily on a large piece and vaguely knew that other muscles were neglected as I constantly sat at the loom. Now, working muscles in the gym respond and I can see how important it is to use our bodies constantly to keep them functioning well.

octobernov 048

detail of drawing


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