Fibre Forum at Orange

Textile Fibre Forum held at Orange was an exciting feast of workshops, lectures,exhibitions, displays and Trades Show. It brings people together to learn from well known tutors and from each other. Internationally acclaimed artists work together with inexperienced beginners in a positive, friendly and highly creative atmosphere.

Experimental mark making with Indian ink and improvised brushes.

The masterclass that I participated in with American born, Canadian resident, Dorothy Caldwell was perfect for me at this stage in my development of new subject matter and ideas. I loved all the mark making processes – burning, stitching, batik, finger printing etc and enjoyed bringing this work together in hand bound books at the end of the week.

Work in progress on desk.

My most exciting new activity was Kantha embroidery, working a sampler with traditional stitches and also making a miniature book based on ideas about Kantha.

I would like to thank Janet de Boer and all the staff and volunteers that make Forum such a terrific event and also Dorothy Caldwell for her inspiring work, well-organised workshop program and warm, encouraging personality.


One response to “Fibre Forum at Orange

  1. I love the miniature books that have been made and really like the colours and textures in them.

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