Selection of Images for Textile Fibre Forum Publication


Selection/Judging 21 September 2010 Tony Dyer, Valerie Kirk, Annie Trevillian, Christine Keller

Initial selection was made of images that were considered as “technically correct” by photography consultant/advisor/ expert, Garry Benson. Only the images considered to be of high enough photographic quality were sent on to the selection panel. This was about 50% of the total submission.


The members of the selection panel viewed all the images of the textiles works sent to them several times, individually and as a group before any of the selection process commenced. There was no information about artist’s names, materials, techniques or personal concepts supplied.

So, selection was to be based on the visual representation conveyed in the supplied photographic images.

The selection panel then viewed each of the images in terms of how resolved they appeared as finished works in the field of contemporary textiles. Selection was not based on personal preferences.

Individual responses were noted on each work and then each work was reviewed to note a majority vote for a work. The works were considered in relation to:

  • Appropriate choice and use of materials for the work. (as could be noted from the supplied photographic images)
  • Use of selected techniques, (as could be noted from the supplied photographic images), demonstrating a well developed understanding of processes appropriate to the work.
  • Creativity – concept and ideas – exploration of the ideas and medium in a personal and innovative manner. All aspects of the work resolved to a high degree.
  • Visual representation of the work through digital photography format, considering composition within the “frame”, choice of background, selection of props and display materials, etc, as well as lighting of the object.

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