Winter Branches


I draw inspiration from the world around me and from particular aspects of life. Previously my work dealt with my experience as a Scottish migrant – looking back and forward, north and south, here and there, between two countries. This ‘in-between-ness’ of the migratory experience, while not unique to me or other Australians, contributes to my sense of being made up of many parts, a kind of fragmentation where certain components come into play at different times.  There is an eternal mismatch in my world as I am recognized as Scottish inAustraliawhen people hear me speak but inScotlandpeople comment on my Australian accent. In a wider senseAustralia’s history and culture is made up of many examples of people and things brought together without a good likeness or fit. We have ever-changing perspectives on how combinations meet and align or do not line up. 


The design for this tapestry began through observation of collected winter branches and watercolour painting. The tracery of dark branches flowed easily with tertiary colour and highlights of  pure hues. The movement and complexity of line became the important features.

Woven tapestry allows me to combine my interests in textiles and visual art using the tactile qualities of materials in the highly complex woven form. The intricate nature of multiple coloured wefts twined between warps parallels the complexities of life and tapestry’s building /constructed process embodies the advancement of time.


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