Indigenous Printed Textiles Research Trip to Darwin and Gunbalanya

Louise Hamby and I went to the Darwin Indigenous Art Fair and the Telstra Art Award then on to “Travelling with Yarns” at Injalak Art Centre. Workshops and a one day symposium were held as part of the Stone Country Festival. Participants came from across the top end of Australia and further afield from Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. During the workshop days people learned traditional dying and basketry techniques with local artists, experimented with indigo and shibori, learned about hat making and had a go at screenprinting in the art centre.

Gabriel Maralngurra, one of the artists and a driving force at Injalak Arts and Crafts said “I’m happy to tell stories how screenprinting first started and to share with people how screenprinting works, how we all work together as a team to make good designs and for the future. Plus give our knowledge to the kids who come down to watch, how we print onto fabrics and t-shirts.”

There is enormous vitality in the fabric being printed now and so much potential for development to reach new audiences, work with people in the fashion and interior businesses and generate more recognition and financial return to the communities.


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