New Textiles business in Laos

In January 2014 I visited a new H’Mong Textiles Factory.
This Chinese-Lao business is the first of its kind in Luang Prabang. Established in 2013 it employs 50 young H’Mong women as embroiderers and machinists making garments. The hand embroidery draws on traditional skills but the designs are contemporary and made to be included in fashion garments. In the garment construction area, very large, tartan fabric raincoats for very large dogs were being produced. The work is time-consuming so costly to produce: as wages rise in China, Lao workers are employed on lower rates of pay to keep the cost of production down. This kind of work is new to H’Mong women who require training in working specific embroidery designs and using industrial sewing machines. The concept of working set hours in a factory away from their traditional family and village life is also very different for them.







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