Travel to Ha Giang in N W Vietnam

This year I was able to go on an exploratory research trip to the far north west of Vietnam. It is an area I have wanted to visit for many years because of the fabulous minority textiles and costume. Travelling in winter, everyone was well rugged up, so we saw lots of modern Chinese parkas, but also met people who still make their own traditional clothing with spectacular textiles – as good as the examples I love in the Ethnology Museum in Hanoi. The Lo Lo wedding outfit was a mass of tiny coloured patches applied to a base cloth. Stunning to see worn to show us. In the many mountain markets we enjoyed seeing daily life as people shopped for fresh produce, traded their animals, drank local liquor and then walked miles up the mountain slopes back to their homes.


2014-01-09 08.03.16

2014-01-10 00.53.55

2014-01-10 00.37.15

2014-01-10 00.55.57

2014-01-10 03.10.36

2014-01-10 03.11.31

2014-01-10 03.12.54

2014-01-10 07.22.05

2014-01-10 07.22.44

2014-01-10 07.23.38

2014-01-11 00.00.17

2014-01-11 01.05.28

2014-01-11 01.56.47

2014-01-11 01.54.59

2014-01-11 02.04.59

2014-01-11 02.04.22

2014-01-11 02.02.34


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