Throw, Bounce, Spatter – experimental drawings

mon 108

Repeated gesture in drawing makes an accumulated pattern of movement which articulates a space between the artist drawing tool and paper. Gestures show and create connections between our internal world and the external one. In creating a collaborative work, we came to see that gestures shared between people made representations which occupied an ambiguous field between image and space. This can be seen as a co-authored place making process.

Valerie Kirk and Amanda Ravetz


One response to “Throw, Bounce, Spatter – experimental drawings

  1. Very interesting to me, the artwork and the text in the context of a collaborative work initiated by Maria Madeira, a Timorese-Australian artist for an exhibition titled the Elastic Mobile Residency held in Darwin and Sydney recently. After laying a canvas on the floor Maria invited visitors to the gallery to chew and spit betel nut on to the canvas, followed by painting with palm fronds and brushes. See image of one point in the process –

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