Studio desk - work in progress

Studio desk - work in progress

In August 2009 I cleared my desk at ANU Textiles and departed for 6 months professional development leave from teaching and running the department to work in my studio. My project is to develop a new body of creative work and this blog documents the explorations and developments as a diary of progress.


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  1. Happy 2010 Valerie!
    any apologies fro not being in touch before now. You have been very much in our thoughts and our visit to you was a mega highlight of our visit to Aus
    We have finally after what seems like forever moved.
    Finally sold the flat and then spent cold wet summer getting house in Brum ready for selling Lot of work but it paid off the first people who saw it bought it. Moved out and spent freezing Christmas month at an artists house and then moved here on the 8 jan in snow storm
    We have a place for you to Stay
    Please email me so can send PDF of show at Winchester
    I have had to change comps
    Hope you are all well Sounds agreat 6 months
    With love
    Louise Cattrell

    • Great to hear from you Louise. Hope your exhibition went well and that everything is fine with you. How is life in England?


    • Hi Louise Great to hear from you. Where are you living now? Please send me photos of your work. I would love to see. next week I go to Turkey for my sister’s wedding so very busy now….bargain designer dress to alter, wedding cakes to pack to take with us Heather’s outfit to finish……

      Best Wishes


  2. Hello Valerie
    In 1978 M.Hodge asked you to show me Edinburgh Coll.of Art on my very first day in Tapestry Dep. You probably do not remember this. I admired your Post.Grad. work very much, – a lovely tapestry mainly in whites and greys. I spent two years in Edinburgh and then went back to Norway.
    Last Summer I did a one week course in Lynne Curran’s studio in Tuscany. A great time! I know you and Lynne are close friends from college.
    Three years ago I took the initiative to form a tapestry group in Mid-Norway. Please, have a look at our homepage. Much of it is translated into English.


    Best Wishes

    Anne-Kirsti Espenes
    Trondheim, Norway

  3. Dear Valerie, thank you for being part of the judging panel that selected my tapestries for the almost “Fibre Design Book”. It inspired me to look up your web-site, your work is divine I am so happy that I found your site, it is always fantastic for me to see the possibilities of working with a textiles medium. With Thanks, Niki McDonald

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